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  • Paul Shewmaker

Vote for Erin

I don't give endorsements lightly. Typically you don't know who will win an election, and typically it's good to stay neutral because you'll need to work with the eventual winner. This time it's different. This time the choice is obvious. I am proud to endorse Erin Medlin for Simpsonville City Council Ward 1 in the upcoming runoff election on November 21st.

Erin has a unique background as a realtor and English instructor at USC Upstate and Spartanburg Community College. She also serves on Simpsonville's Board of Zoning Appeals. This background equips her with the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective member of our City Council.

I have personally witnessed Erin's commitment through her tireless campaigning for the general election. If she's willing to put in that amount of effort up front, she will definitely bring that work ethic to our council. Erin has vision and thoughtfulness regarding the future of Simpsonville. She reminds me of Jenn Hulehan, and that's very high praise. In a time when our city is experiencing rapid growth, it is crucial to have leaders who prioritize educating themselves, thinking things through, and then making better decisions.

Erin ran a "clean" campaign for the general election. This is important too. She faithfully embodies calm, heart, and a genuine dedication to serving our city. A vote for her lets you steer clear of the divisive, angry politics that should remain a part of our city's past.

Please spread this endorsement through your friends and family and on social media. Simpsonville needs Erin Medlin on City Council.

Initiative. Engagement. A collaborative mindset. A proactive approach to problem-solving. Dedication to the betterment of Simpsonville. All these things make Erin Medlin the ideal choice for City Council. I encourage my fellow Simpsonville residents to cast their votes for Erin Medlin on November 21st and help us build a city that is simply better, simply home.

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