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Hi, I'm Paul and this

is my wife Sandy

Who am I?

My name is Paul Shewmaker and I am the son of a small town preacher from the midwest. We relocated to Simpsonville 37 years ago and quickly realized this is our forever home. I retired from a life in industrial management in early 2019, and later that year I was drawn to serving you as our mayor. I'm no career politician, just a simple man who sees a need for making things happen.

Why I should continue to be your Mayor

Simpsonville has a good thing going. The difference from just 5 years ago is just astounding. My leadership on council will ensure that all these good things happening will continue. I have brought a calm reasoned voice that has settled the nerves of the city and got us back to what we need from our leaders: quiet confidence that addresses the needs of the people without fanfare or acrimony. Pretty simple, but rare in these wild times. I promise to keep doing just that.

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