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  • Paul Shewmaker

Embracing the Future - Simpsonville Park Renovation

Today, I had the opportunity to tour the site of the Simpsonville Park renovation with the construction manager, and I must say, it's a sight to behold. At the moment you might think it looks a little bit lumpy. Or maybe a lot lumpy depending on your perspective. Grading always reveals our South Carolina red clay. But the grading work is revealing a stunning makeover that is beginning to show in the new topography. It's exciting. When this is all done it will likely be considered the best out of our eight parks.

Over the years, I've spent a considerable amount of time at this park, and revisiting it today served as a vivid reminder of just how large the space is. It's not hard for me to imagine how beautiful it's going to be. My opponents seem to think that all of the trees were cut down. They make it sound like I personally drove the bulldozer! This is far from the truth, and I must set the record straight. If anyone tells you all the trees are gone, they must be blind. There are hundreds of trees that are being carefully preserved, and the project includes planting hundreds more. The lush greenery of the park will be a defining feature, and we are committed to maintaining its natural beauty.

Yes, the park is currently a work in progress. At the moment it's much like a blank canvas. However, I implore you to be patient and share in some imagination with me. What we have in store for Simpsonville Park is nothing short of spectacular. When completed, it will be a testament to our vision and commitment to enhancing our community's recreational spaces.

Let take a glimpse at what you can expect from the Simpsonville Park renovation:

  1. Expansive Greenery: The park will be a rich green landscape. The current work in progress may give it the appearance of a different place with all that red clay, but rest assured, the charm of our park will be preserved and enhanced and it will be green.

  2. A New Playground: Shaded by mature trees, the new playground includes all the best of the old one, and especially dear to my most important constituency--my granddaughters--it will still have a zipline. Wait! It will have two ziplines! (I know how to cater to my most important supporters. 😉) One of these will accomodate children with disabilities.

  3. Football Fields: We are providing not one, but two full-size football fields where there was previously just one reduced-size field. This expansion will provide more opportunities for Parks and Rec to add playing time for our youth leagues.

  4. Tennis and Pickleball Courts: The renovation includes two tennis courts that can also serve as four pickleball courts. It's a multifunctional addition to accommodate the various interests.

  5. Half Court Basketball: A new basketball court is part of the plan, offering a place for friendly competition and leisure.

  6. Extensive Walking Paths: For those who enjoy a leisurely stroll or a brisk jog, extensive walking paths will crisscross the park, allowing you to explore its beauty on foot.

  7. Increased parking: Ample parking spread throughout the park will accomodate all of the uses in and around the park. You won't have to worry about finding a spot during your visit.

  8. Dog Park: Our furry friends and their owners will return to an improved dedicated dog park. This space will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs to socialize and play, further enhancing the park's inclusivity and serving as a hub for pet lovers in our community.

  9. Performance Stage: A new performance stage will be constructed, facing what we fondly call "The Great Lawn." This addition will enhance the park's versatility for events, concerts, and gatherings. And this stage will be a significant improvement to the old stage that had an odd shape performers didn't like.

  10. Water Feature: A beautiful water feature will grace the park close beside Curtis Street, adding an aesthetic element to the park's landscape. This will sit at the top end of The Great Lawn.

  11. Beautiful New Municipal Buildings: As you drive by Simpsonville Park, you'll see our new municipal buildings. These structures will be iconic and stand as a testament to our city's progress for future generations to appreciate. The view from these buildings across the park will be stunning. And the aesthetic beauty of buildings will enhance the park, both from the street side and the park side.

While the current state of Simpsonville Park may be different from what we are accustomed to, it's all part of a grand transformation. The end result will be a park that is not only stunning but also immensely functional, catering to the diverse interests of our community.

I encourage you to embrace this journey with us, be patient, and envision the remarkable destination we are striving to achieve. The revitalized Simpsonville Park will be a jewel in our city's crown, a place where memories are made, and the community comes together.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our vision for a brighter, more vibrant Simpsonville. Vote November 7th.

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